How about accounting? Several Accountant Development Direction Choices

When they see the numbers, many people think of financial work, and the most common one is accounting,that is one of Hong Kong top phd programs. Companies, government agencies, banks, and other organizational units are inseparable from currency-related financial reports.

Accounting is an applied course. It mainly focuses on fund transactions and systematically manages data classification, accounting, and collection. Same as the content taught in CUHK law courses,it is an indispensable subject in any field.

In the past, if you wanted to become a professional accountant, you would need to take an accounting course at a university and then get a PhD bachelor’s degree. Now that you want to enter this industry, in addition to studying for a degree at a university, you can also study accounting by yourself or apply for related training courses. Of course, university courses are more professional, and you can go to the CPA after graduation,you can also work as a teaching assistant at Chinese University of Hong Kong.This CPA title represents strong professionalism in this field, so many people choose to study in the accounting department.

Introduction to Accounting Department

The accounting department belongs to the business school, it is a professional discipline in the university. It mainly takes accounting as the main subject, cultivates financial talents, and improves accountants’ professional knowledge and personal qualities.Some schools provide Hong Kong PhD Scholarship,let all students learn knowledge.

There are many opportunities for the accounting department. Graduates can work in training institutions, accountants, analysts, financial management, etc., depending on which position you are studying for.

What is accounting?

Accounting English is accountancy, which mainly takes the preparation of accounts and document verification as the main form of expression. It records and accounts for the unit revenue and expenditure transactions of capital movement to achieve the economic benefits of effective management of the enterprise.

The main core task of accounting is to record and compile accounts for every capital income and expenditure of the company. The most commonly used method is double-entry accounting, which has the effect of checking data, to reduce the probability of errors in financial reports.

3 characteristics of the accounting process

1. Accounting unit of measurement

Accountants shall keep records of the economic transactions that occur in the daily transactions of enterprises or institutions. Its unit of measurement is not only HKD, but also kg, pcs, year, etc. These are basic measurement units, and they have different meanings, so you can’t compare them.

2. Comprehensive financial system

Accountants must not only record every economic transaction of the company or organization but also be responsible for the accuracy and legality of these data so that the following records and reports can be made.

Accountants need to record daily economic and business activities, conduct comprehensive and complete data sorting, and provide systematic financial information to enterprises.

3. Accounting software

Accounting software is indispensable for a comprehensive financial system. After a series of complete accounting methods, it forms a complete system for the economic business process. Commonly used accounting software includes MYOB, ERP, etc., which can effectively play the role of accounting.

The outlet of the accountant department: 4 hot jobs

1. Accountant

Accountants are not ordinary financial clerks, they are licensed professionals. If you become an excellent financial talent, you can go to a formal institution to get a license, and the CPA is a good choice.

The daily work of accountants is mainly to record, prepare statements, and verify the vouchers of economic activities, as well as other receipts and payments, employee salaries, and so on. If you have a high professional standard, you can also do data analysis for your boss, assist in finding effective management methods, etc., so that your salary will also increase.

Accounting systems and codes will change with the changes of the times. No matter how they change, accountants must abide by these codes to ensure the accuracy and legitimacy of the data, and provide them to the main person in charge to help users understand the benefits of the company.

2. Analyst

Analysts mainly use data to analyze the process of this happening, to achieve the desired purpose. Some accounting professionals will also work as financial analysts, mainly to understand the data provided by the finance department and use some programs to assist in the analysis.

3. Tax accountant

Tax accountants are different from the usual accountants. They are mainly responsible for all matters related to taxation. Therefore, tax officers do not need to make monthly or quarterly statements.

Generally, companies set up a finance department with only accountants and other clerks. They rarely hire a tax accountant, so you can generally find relevant tax positions in the tax bureau.

The current tax system is relatively simple, so the job of a tax accountant is relatively simple, and the turnover of employees is relatively stable.

4. Auditor

Many students graduating from the accounting department will serve as auditors because their position requirements can allow talents who are not majors in accounting to join the job, but these people need to participate in training courses later to understand the basic knowledge of the financial industry.

Auditors are divided into external and internal positions. The salary of an external accountant who started professionally is above HKD$10,000. After a few years of experience, it can be doubled, so the salary increase will be higher compared to other positions. The daily work of the external accountant is mainly responsible for obtaining files, verifying data, and asking various questions, so the usual workload will be more, but after accumulating experience, it can be easier and you can find better jobs.

As for internal auditors, they are professionals hired by some listed companies. These professionals will check the materials purchased by the company, whether they are purchased from regular channels, whether the purchase price is reasonable, and so on. Any listed company has to go through an external professional organization review every year, and only those that meet the requirements can pass the review, so the company hires an auditor to assist the company to pass the review smoothly.

To sum up

Regardless of whether you want to become an accountant or not, you need to understand some specialized terms in accounting English, which is good for your workplace. In the current labor workplace, the number of people engaged in the financial industry is increasing day by day, but the demand for these talents is still very large, including auditing, accounting, and other jobs in different scopes. If you don’t know how to choose your job or subject, then you can consider accounting.


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