Why is Hong Kong called a shopping paradise?

Shopping paradise is an elegant name for Hong Kong. It is caused by the support of the Hong Kong police and the development of free trade in Hong Kong. According to statistics: more than 40 million people come to Hong Kong for tourist shopping every year, and more than 170 billion yuan is brought by shopping every year Economy.

SAR government policy

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has always adopted a low tax rate policy. For example, most imported goods in Hong Kong ’s container ports are not subject to import tariffs. Such a low tax rate policy has caused most of the goods in the Mainland to have higher prices. Buying in Hong Kong often saves a lot of money . That is to say, shopping in Hong Kong is very different from the domestic regardless of the variety, price or service concept:

Firstly, in terms of price, due to the part of the tariffs required to enter the domestic market, the items will be more expensive than Hong Kong

Secondly, in terms of service, most of the waiters in Hong Kong are professionally trained to provide customers with a quality shopping experience. The customer is the “God” service concept, which has slowly created Hong Kong as a “shopping paradise” “Reputation.

Economic situation

In recent years, the cooperation between Hong Kong and the Mainland has become closer and closer. The “Belt and Road” policy proposed by the Chinese government has brought more opportunities to most investors and enterprises in Hong Kong, which has helped the development of these investors and enterprises. It provides opportunities for development. In addition, the Chinese government has built the infrastructure of the “Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge” and the “Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link”, which has shortened the distance between Hong Kong and the Mainland, making it more convenient for mainland tourists to visit Hong Kong.

National policy

The process of entering Hong Kong is becoming simpler and easier, and it is more convenient to apply for Hong Kong and Macao passes. Since April 2019, the Chinese government has proposed that ordinary passports, passes to and from Hong Kong and Macao, and passes to and from Taiwan can be “National Pass”, and Chinese tourists to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are coming The more, after all, it is more convenient to apply for the Hong Kong and Macao Pass, which reduces the time to go to Hong Kong. This indirectly led to an increase in tourists visiting Hong Kong.

Under the trend of economic globalization, economic and trade cooperation between countries and regions is getting closer and closer, and the number of foreign tourists visiting Hong Kong is also increasing, which has led to the development of Hong Kong’s goods transactions.

At this stage, Hong Kong has always maintained economic self-care and the policy stage of free trade. Hong Kong ’s economy and trade have developed rapidly. More and more international companies and the world ’s top 100 banks have entered Hong Kong, which has brought Hong Kong an economic foundation and promoted Hong Kong ’s commodity trading Convenient development.

In general

Hong Kong itself is also an export city. The main economic sources are the development of the service industry, tourism, and the financial industry. These are inseparable from the impact of international companies and enterprises coming to Hong Kong for cooperation and investment. However, the international establishment of branches and branches in Hong Kong ( The world’s top 100 banks established branches in Hong Kong), which shortened the international economic and trade cooperation between Hong Kong and Hong Kong, which directly led to the development of Hong Kong’s “shopping industry”.


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