How much do you know about the eating habits of Hong Kong?

Hong Kong had been ruled by the British colonial government until July 1, 1997, but was adjacent to Guangdong, and its eating habits were biased towards Britain and Guangdong, such as sweets, toast and sausages. In line with the combined eating habits of China and the West, both Cantonese people are picky about food and the British are demanding food exquisiteness, so residents in Hong Kong are often picky about food and delicate in appearance.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong, you will find that many local residents in Hong Kong have very high requirements for food when they eat in restaurants. Such as: Wonton noodles (locals will require how hard and soft the noodles are cooked, there are certain requirements for how much wontons are required), and there is a must drink afternoon tea, which is in line with the habit of Cantonese people drinking tea, like double skin milk , Tea and the like.

Hong Kong delicious food


In Hong Kong, you can see many middle-aged and elderly people in the morning tea shop. They can eat from more than 8 o’clock in the morning until 10 o’clock noon. This shows that Hong Kong people can be treated to a crazy level of food, starting from breakfast, following Guangdong People’s breakfast habit: eat rice noodles.

But now more and more young people are buying more convenient foods for breakfast due to work reasons, such as sandwiches, bread, milk, etc. Chinese food is a porridge with braised vegetables plus a cup of soup, and dinner will also be Eat some stew and ordinary home cooking, but many residents still like to go to the teahouse for morning tea and snacks on holidays.

The combined eating habits of China and the West

Many people in Hong Kong will drink coffee, eat pineapple buns, eggs and the like. After all, Hong Kong has been ruled by the British colonial government for more than 100 years. The eating habits will be in the category of Western eating habits. However, Hong Kong has always been a coastal city. The habit is the eating habits on the Guangdong side. Therefore, local residents in Hong Kong like rice noodles and morning tea, as well as coffee and sandwiches. This has created a combination of Chinese and Western eating habits of residents in Hong Kong.

The diet time is not fixed

From the fact that Hong Kong residents can eat morning tea for two or three hours, it can be seen that Hong Kong residents do not have a fixed time for eating, they can eat fast and can eat for a long time, for example: local residents in Hong Kong generally arrive at three in the afternoon At around four o’clock, I will eat a little afternoon tea, usually double skin milk, coffee, cakes and the like, and I also like to eat supper and eat some fried dishes or porridge food at night. After all, as a financial, economic and trade center, Hong Kong is busy with work. Young people do not have a fixed time to eat, and the time for eating is not fixed.

Light green diet

The diet of local residents in Hong Kong is relatively light. Another point is that they prefer desserts, such as barbecued rice and turtle paste. The taste list is not important, and the promotion of green diet by Hong Kong residents is consistent with the characteristics of Hong Kong people: Health is paramount, so most Hong Kong residents eat green food on a relatively short list.

There is also a growing number of Hong Kong people who advocate vegetarianism. They are mainly vegetarian and do not eat meat. In general, the diet of Hong Kong residents has always been based on green vegetables and other light foods.


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