The Cause of Hong Kong Cyberport Construction and Future Development Direction

Any country needs the development of science. Without science, it can only become a passive person. The establishment of the Cyberport carries the soul of technology and drives the further development of high technology.

Hong Kong Cyberport is a rich network bandwidth provided to Hong Kong. It is foreseeable that it can cope with Hong Kong’s digital technology development in the next two decades.

Digital technology is a key technology for the development of science and technology in the world in the 21st century, and its core content is to digitize a series of continuous information content through the transmission, processing and processing of such information signals through electronic technology. Hong Kong Cyberport develops technological facilities in the Cyberport through wireless or wired network equipment and 5G-4G information service providers.

Completion of Hong Kong Cyberport

After the 1997 financial turmoil, some local industry professionals in Hong Kong reached consensus through consultation and reflection on the future development path: to develop Hong Kong ’s innovative technology and high-tech high-value-added industries, to integrate its main processing industry and trading industry before The transformation of development into innovative technology, high technology and high value-added industries. Therefore, the SAR government at that time decided to build the “Pearl of the East” into a technological city in the development and application of science and technology.

At the beginning of 1998, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and the then influential company Pacific Century Group cooperated to invest in the Cyberport. In 1999, the Hong Kong Cyberport Construction Design Painting announced that the total investment amount was a considerable amount. In September of the same year, the Cyberport was formally zoned and started construction in the Southern District of Hong Kong. The first and second phases were completed in 2001 and 2002, respectively, and the third and fourth phases were completed in 2004. The company provides a large area of ​​office space. At that time, a number of companies had moved their office locations to the Cyberport. As of 2017, there have been many technology companies in the Cyberport in Hong Kong. It has become a technology-centric area in the field of innovative technology and high technology.

Purpose of Hong Kong Cyberport

Before 1997, Hong Kong was ruled by the British colonial government, but after July 1, 1997, Hong Kong was one of China ’s SAR governments. Among them, the Chinese government ’s support for Hong Kong is not great, and it will not interfere in Hong Kong within 50 years. Policies and the rational use of Hong Kong ’s capitalist social system have allowed Hong Kong to develop step by step into a global financial technology center.

The Asian financial crisis that occurred in 1997 has made the Hong Kong government and industry professionals realize that the processing and trading industry cannot be developed blindly. The future development of society cannot be separated from the field of digital technology. The future social development gradually confirmed the original Hong Kong A series of government reform measures.

The consensus reached by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and some entrepreneurs decided to build a digital technology center in the local Southern District. The establishment of the Hong Kong Cyberport in a few years has played an important role in the development of local technology and healthy competition among technology companies. This was unimaginable in the middle and late of the last century, and I had to admire the vision of the SAR government and some entrepreneurs.

The establishment of the Hong Kong Cyberport has introduced a lot of professional and excellent scientific and technological talents to the local area. It has also brought a large number of international companies to Hong Kong to cooperate with local technology companies, which has served the purpose of healthy development.

The role of Hong Kong Cyberport

Hong Kong itself, as an international financial technology center, has enormous international influence. Among them, the container port transports goods to many countries and regions in the world every year, greatly deepening the connection between the international and Xiangjiang. Many technology companies in the Hong Kong Cyberport have exchanged and cooperated with internationally renowned technology companies, and promoted the development of: fintech, e-commerce, Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence, which promoted the localization of intelligent technology cities. Process.

In 2017, the “three-year strategic plan” proposed by the Hong Kong SAR Government promoted the development of local small and medium-sized technology companies to a greater extent. The development of digital technology for the “Pearl of the Orient” has attracted the entry of global scientific and technological talents and enterprises, and increased the cooperation between investors from the Mainland and international and local enterprises.

Cyberport to Hong Kong

The completion of the Hong Kong Cyberport provides a more technological and intelligent office environment for local companies, centralizes local technology innovation companies and digital technology companies in one area, shortens the distance between companies, and strengthens competition The benign development influence makes the management of these technology companies by the SAR government more convenient, and also provides a more convenient living environment for local residents.
There is a network control center and an Internet data center on the ground floor of the Hong Kong Cyberport, which provides convenience for residents and companies to use the Internet.

Cyberport to Mainland China

For the Mainland of China, the establishment of the Hong Kong Cyberport has concentrated technology companies, making it easier for mainland technology companies to cooperate with local companies, and when establishing the Cyberport, the address was located in the southern district of Hong Kong, which is far from Shenzhen and Guangzhou Being closer to other places will attract more cooperation between mainland technology companies and local technology companies, increase the entry of mainland investors, and promote the development of Hong Kong’s local trade and technology.

The construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has deepened the economic and trade exchanges between the Mainland and Guangdong, HK and Macau. Hong Kong has more development opportunities, and it has also promoted the cooperation between the digital technology of the Hong Kong Cyberport and the Mainland. Investment relationship.

Cyberport to International

Hong Kong is a springboard city for most international technology companies to cooperate with technology companies in mainland China. After all, local tariffs are low. Cooperation with companies in mainland China or investment in mainland China can save more money.

The digital technology cooperation between Hong Kong and international companies has been closer, driving the development of the local digital technology. Since 2017, Xiangjiang ’s outstanding medical and scientific fields, as well as the “One Belt One Road” policy proposed by the Chinese government, have deepened China ’s The connection with many countries in the world directly drives the cooperation between Hong Kong and international technology companies, and it also develops the technology field of Hong Kong’s Cyberport.

Survival of Hong Kong Cyberport under the New Crown Outbreak

From the end of 2019 to the beginning of 2020, a “new coronavirus” broke out in China, which caused the closure of cities in mainland China from Wuhan to large, medium and small cities across the country, causing many domestic companies to go bankrupt.

As one of the special administrative regions of China, Hong Kong has suffered a huge impact. Many companies are facing the stage of failure. The biggest impact is manufacturing and agriculture. The impact of companies in the technology industry and the digital technology industry is more important than agriculture and manufacturing. Lower.

The Hong Kong government has recently resumed work one after another, which has greatly eased the dilemma of most small companies in the Hong Kong Cyberport. It is foreseeable that before the epidemic in 2020 is not well controlled, local digital technology companies need to consider the future development path, how to develop their own technology and plan for the future development before the epidemic is completely over.

Hong Kong ’s finance and technology will be greatly affected by the spread of the new crown virus at this stage in the world in 2020. Local international companies will need to formulate detailed development plans and investment plans to reduce the financial losses of local companies during the global outbreak. .


The Hong Kong Cyberport is closely related to the fields of major industries. It has an inseparable connection with all countries in the world and mainland China. Only by strengthening technological development in various fields can it be made stronger.

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