What are the benefits of immigration in Hong Kong?

As one of the special administrative regions of China, Hong Kong has more resources and opportunities. Hong Kong itself is an internationally renowned economic, financial and trade center with more entrepreneurial opportunities and job opportunities. Therefore, a large number of mainland personnel immigrat to Hong Kong every year. However, many people are unclear about the procedures required for immigration to Hong Kong, and the advantages (benefits) of immigration to Hong Kong also need to be understood.

Convenient conditions

The tax rate of Hong Kong profits tax is much less than that of China. The maximum profit tax will not exceed 16.5%, the property tax (the domestic property tax) is only 16-17%, and the personal salaries tax (domestic personal income tax) is generally only About 16%, compared with the low tax rate system of Hong Kong, which is the domestic tax rate, can increase the willingness of the mainland to emigrate to Hong Kong. Residents who have successfully emigrated in Hong Kong can enjoy the same treatment as Hong Kong residents. For example, the Hong Kong SAR government recognizes dual citizenship, that is, you are an American, but if you want to immigrate to Hong Kong, you have the status of Hong Kong while retaining the United States. Nationality status.

There is also a person who applies to become a Hong Kong resident. Both children and spouses can directly obtain Hong Kong permanent resident status with the applicant, and they also have the same social insurance as Hong Kong residents.

More job opportunities

As a world-renowned financial, economic and trade center, Hong Kong has a large number of international investment companies and financial companies, or other Internet and technology companies. In order to attract scientific and technological talents and related technical talents, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has formulated “Plan”, vigorously introduce Hong Kong’s scientific and technological talents and related technical talents, of which salary and social benefits are equivalent to those of local migrant workers in Hong Kong, which promotes the benign competitiveness of local and foreign employees in Hong Kong and brings to the development of Hong Kong’s economy and financial industry The related talents have deepened the connection between the Mainland and Hong Kong, and promoted the trade cooperation between the Mainland and Hong Kong.

Support of national policies

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China since “1997”. The Chinese government will not interfere in Hong Kong’s local policies, economics and trade within 50 years. It provides conditions for Hong Kong to slowly adapt to the policies of Mainland China, and also provides advantages in policy support for the development of Hong Kong’s economy and trade. Since the Chinese government proposed the construction of the “Belt and Road” and the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area”, immigration in Hong Kong will be more convenient, and there will be more opportunities for work and entrepreneurship. International cooperation has become closer and closer. Cooperation between international investors provides more convenient opportunities and directly drives the economic development of Hong Kong.

Therefore, immigration in Hong Kong will not affect your original nationality, but after immigration to Hong Kong, you must comply with the relevant provisions of the Hong Kong immigration policy and strictly abide by the relevant laws and policies of the Hong Kong government.


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