Green living makes Hong Kong’s environment better

Hong Kong has always been an international financial, economic and trade center. It is an international city. Among them, office buildings and residential buildings are particularly tall. Looking from the ground up, it looks like a “tube”. The population density of Hong Kong is very high, forcing the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government to only plan higher and higher residential buildings in Hong Kong.

However, Hong Kong’s urban planning mainly draws on the urban planning of Singapore’s “Garden City”. Therefore, Hong Kong’s green space coverage rate has reached 70%. In addition, Hong Kong residents mainly rely on public transportation to travel. Hong Kong ’s well-developed subway and bus system, more than 10.8 million people go to work, school and travel through public transportation every day.

Green life lies in: diligence and thrift, green and low-carbon, civilized and healthy lifestyle and consumption methods. The green life of Hong Kong residents is mainly included in the following aspects:

Changes in the way of life and work

The Environment Bureau of Hong Kong aims at over 500,000 tons of seafood per year in Hong Kong. The overfishing of marine resources can easily lead to a reduction in the harvest of marine fisheries. Therefore, the Hong Kong Environment Bureau has reminded Hong Kong of its daily life in response to such unsustainable waste. Citizens’ green life Travel, work and life, for example:

Most people in Hong Kong take public transportation, shopping in supermarkets will bring a cloth bag to load goods and so on. Life and work are more frugal. Few takeaways from Hong Kong residents are usually made at home the night before and eaten after the company heats up the next day. Green living has gradually penetrated into the hearts of the people, reducing the problems of waste accumulation and domestic waste storage in Hong Kong.

More and more urban planning greening

In Hong Kong, we are stepping up the construction of greening every year. The greening area of ​​Hong Kong is gradually increasing. There are still certain benefits in the model of urban greening in Singapore. Stepping up the urban greening area will provide residents with forest parks and suburb greening areas. The comfort of residents makes the environment more suitable for the lives of Hong Kong residents, and it also protects the urban agriculture and ecological environment.

Residential buildings are more “green”

Hong Kong resident buildings are usually in the “Tongzi Building” situation. For example, most old buildings in Kowloon and the New Territories are in the “Tongzi Building” situation, that is, the type of Hong Kong residents is high and the center is hollow, but now more and more Hong Kong residents are facing ” With the deepening of the “green living” approach, more residents need more green area in their living environment. Therefore, in the construction of residential buildings, various builders first plan on the green area, so planning the green area is the current Hong Kong building Quotient is the top priority.

The deepening of “green living” in Hong Kong has certain benefits to the air quality of Hong Kong and the settlement of domestic waste. It improves the air quality of Hong Kong, reduces the generation of domestic waste, and improves the quality of life of residents.


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