Construction of Hong Kong Law

In a society ruled by law, we must talk about democracy as well as the legal system. We should be a person who has ideals and abides by the law.

Hong Kong law serves as an important weapon to support the legal society of Hong Kong. After hundreds of years of development, it has gradually become sound.

The local government has consulted the traditional British legal regulations when building its own laws. It has also been modified according to its own characteristics. Incorporated local laws and regulations and strengthened part of the construction.

Characteristics of Hong Kong’s legal construction


Regarding the protection of human rights that is unique to the Pearl of the Orient, in recent years, most of the laws of Hong Kong have also placed higher demands on the feature of freedom.
In addition, as one of the safer cities in Asia, it is a relatively stable area in terms of overall security. This point also depends on Xiangjiang’s perfect legal system and efficient legal circulation system.


Improve the rigorous legal system and logistical support, so that the law can be traced in both the source and the trial process, and the efficiency of police detection is also among the best in the world.


In addition, the local law building has a strong democracy. Most laws and regulations are based on partial opinions of local residents and laws and regulations that have been improved or revised after the Legislative Council solicited public opinion.

On the basis of the legal construction of the Pearl of the Orient, there are multiple levels of sophistication. From civil settlements to legal resolutions, local institutions have been established to help deal with private conflicts. This includes local legal institutions and mediation centers. These institutions provide different legal services, ranging from private regulation to court disclosure.

Hong Kong Legal Organization

Thanks to strong local support, Hong Kong ’s legal institutions are well established.
For example, the Legal Aid Services Bureau, most of the work revolves around the local chief executive. For example, when the Chief Executive proposes amendments to a bill, the agency will review similar bills and then evaluate the most likely implementation plan and some construction plans.

The agency has also undertaken some legal aid projects, but the projects involved are relatively small. It is impossible to compare with the perfect department specially created for legal aid.

Under the current conditions, the main significance of the department is to provide design suggestions for the overall construction of the local area. There is no real practical change in legal aid.

If low-income people want to seek corresponding legal aid, the first thing they are looking for is not the Legal Aid Service Bureau but the Legal Aid Department.

In order to protect those who are not financially capable but have debt disputes at the same time, or because some other parties who may endanger their property and life safety are encountering what is being encountered, a legal aid department is specially established.

The difficulty of applying is also relatively low. As long as it can prove that its property cannot pay the high legal litigation costs, generally speaking, the Legal Aid Department will send special lawyers to follow up the litigation through the aid project.

Hong Kong legal services

As the third largest financial center in the world, Hong Kong ’s legal health is now in its own structure. Among the global free economies, Hong Kong is among the top reasons, mainly because of its sound legal services.

Efficient legal arbitration institutions and related services have made Hong Kong’s judicial system one of the best in Asia. And because it is an international city, it appears to be more international in terms of legal aid.

At the same time, in the legal talent reserve, Hong Kong also has a large number of registered lawyers in other languages. To effectively ensure that legal disputes occur when residents of other countries come to Hong Kong for shopping or living knowledge, they can have matching language lawyers to solve problems for themselves.

Not only that, in terms of interpretation of the Basic Law, Hong Kong uses two languages ​​to interpret simultaneously. There are corresponding traditional Chinese characters and English descriptions on each law. Investors from other countries come to the local market for business negotiations. The English law provides that investors in other countries can fully understand the laws and regulations before investing.

The effective implementation of the plan avoids the disputes between the two parties due to language issues, which leads to a decline in the local investment efficiency, and thus the loss of economic reserves.

Hong Kong Mediation Center

The Hong Kong Mediation Center is also known as a reconciliation center. It is a kind of charitable organization built vigorously in the local area. Mainly responsible for the legal protection of the local hard-to-reach population. In recent years, the organization has made outstanding contributions in finance, and has provided some constructive opinions for many investors and residents who have been deceived or encountered problems in the local area. Initiatives.

With some adjustments in Hong Kong’s own financial measures, it may affect local financial investors, and those who do not have the financial strength to pay for their own litigation fees can go to the mediation center to consult on related legal aid services.

The main purpose of the establishment of this organization is to protect those poor people. It is the first recognized charity in Hong Kong that is not for profit. People’s services to the financial industry have been further improved, and the contradictions they have exposed have gradually become more peaceful. But for those existing problems, the existence of the regulation center is bound to be a major help for stability.

Characteristics of British law in Hong Kong

Hong Kong ’s local laws are common law, and a large part of them are built on local characteristics. Of course, they have also learned some experience from other regions or countries. A large part of this is to accept the laws and regulations of the former colonial Britain.

In terms of specific legal construction, due to the small local area, there may be certain misunderstandings in the handling of certain cases. Therefore, when problems that have not been dealt with by local judges occur, it is generally necessary to ask from some other countries. Some corresponding judges to deal with.

This includes many British judges, and most of the judges in Hong Kong are British nationals. Therefore, most of the relevant legal treaties are based on the characteristics of British law to make corresponding reviews.

One of the characteristics of the common law inheritance of British law is that it respects individual freedom in the handling of human rights. In the processing of some large-scale cases, the nature of the case is generally divided according to human rights.

Hong Kong Law Major

There are no independent law schools in Hong Kong. Only a few comprehensive universities have opened law courses, and they are few in number. They are mainly concentrated in a few schools such as the Chinese University and City University.

In terms of talent training, several schools are based on the long-term. For the cultivation of law students, generally through international standard measures, the students they train generally have an international perspective.

Most countries also recognize law degrees obtained in Hong Kong. It is not particularly difficult for graduates to seek job opportunities in other countries.

Although the history of the development of law in Hong Kong is not long, there are not many schools. However, since the local education level is at the international advanced level, there is a lot of experience to learn from when setting up similar courses. Compared with the development level of law in other regions, the development of local law is not inferior.

Hong Kong legal development history

During the period when Hong Kong was not colonized, the overall law still belongs to the scope of ancient China (Qing Dynasty). Since the value of the local harbour at that time had not yet been developed, the Qing Dynasty did not realize that this place had the potential to develop into a world-class port. The overall law was not clear, but the corresponding taxation was also due The taxation is mainly based on the fishing industry.

Later in the colonial period, Hong kong was included in the law of British rule. Laws and regulations are also used in the British mainland. Because Hong Kong did not have its own sovereignty at that time. Therefore, most of the law-related industries are mostly British residents coming to Hong Kong, and the legal industry is completely monopolized by the United Kingdom.

After the local return to China in 1997, the policy of benefiting from one country, two systems proposed that the overall economy has not undergone much change, and it also has its own legal autonomy. During this period, the laws of Hong Kong developed rapidly and gradually improved. Until now, Hong Kong laws are still a sign of freedom.

Advantages of Hong Kong law

As mentioned earlier, most of the laws and regulations of Hong Kong are built around the independent construction of local laws in Hong Kong. At the same time, because of the profound influence of Western countries, the law is more inclined to democracy and freedom, and it has higher protection for human rights.
It also appears to be more rigorous in the overall legal construction, and the handling of certain events also follows the characteristic of human rights first.

Hong Kong Public Security

Hong Kong has always been one of the safer cities in Asia, and the crime rate is far lower than other regions or countries. This relies on the perfect local legal structure and the local police station.

The strict local laws and superb resident literacy have enabled more people to be strict with themselves and abide by local laws and regulations.

In addition, sound legal construction has also attracted more local investors to China, and through this window, more funds have flowed into the mainland with higher productivity and consumption levels.

The development of the public security environment in Hong Kong affects the construction of the local economy as a whole and is an important reason for the rapid development of the local area.

to sum up

In terms of overall economic construction, Hong Kong is already at the forefront of the world. The laws and regulations also abide by the characteristic of humanity supremacy, and safeguard the human rights of local residents and some of the personnel tried in Hong Kong.

Although the laws of Hong Kong are biased towards human nature, the trial process is very rigorous. For those criminal crimes and crimes that comply with the provisions of the corresponding laws and regulations, light punishment is generally not considered, and the only the commutation of the sentence is necessary if necessary. In the development of local laws, the details involved are becoming clearer and clearer, which is crucial to the development of local security.


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