What are the benefits of doing business in Hong Kong?

As an international financial and trade center, Hong Kong is a “springboard” city for mainland Chinese companies and investors seeking overseas trade.

Due to Hong Kong ’s unique geographical location, it is adjacent to cities in Mainland China: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai and other cities in China, and is located at the entrance of the Pearl River Delta, providing convenient transportation conditions for trading companies operating in Hong Kong.

From Hong Kong to the Mainland, you can enter through the “Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao” bridge or the “Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link”. The journey time is faster, and you can reach the mainland cities in a few hours.

Reduce the time and cost of the journey

Hong Kong is located in the center of Asia, close to the South China Sea in the south, and adjacent to cities in mainland China and the Macao Special Administrative Region on the left and right. The transportation is convenient to the outside world. In addition, there is an international airport with an international 4F level. It is one of the largest air navigation airports in China. It has air routes with many countries around the world, reducing the time for international investors to enter Hong Kong.

Convenient tax system and low tax rate

Customs duties are not collected in Hong Kong Customs. Except for tobacco, alcohol, hydrocarbon oil, and methanol, some tariffs are required.
Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China. The Chinese government will not interfere with Hong Kong’s tariffs for a period of time since its return in 1997. This has greatly attracted the entry of overseas investors. Hong Kong Container Port is a free port. Import and export of goods through the container port is generally not subject to customs duties or surcharges. The customs clearance process is simple. Only a detailed list of the company ’s goods and other supporting materials (consignment note, Invoices, trade contracts, etc.).

The tax rates paid by printing companies in Hong Kong are not very high, and the rates of personal profits tax and property tax are relatively low. Another advantage of the Hong Kong tax system is that sales tax, withholding tax, capital appreciation tax, dividend tax, inheritance tax, etc. are all exempt, which greatly increases the benefits of doing business in Hong Kong and reduces tax costs .

Advantageous business environment both at home and abroad

As a global free trade and financial trade center, Hong Kong’s trade legal system and economic freedom system, as well as the free information flow trade competition environment, domestic and international investors operating in Hong Kong are treated equally, thus creating its status as an international financial trade center .

The establishment of container ports and large international airports

As a globally liberalized port, Hong Kong Container Port has many countries and regions importing and exporting goods at Hong Kong Container Port every year. Its excellent customs tariff rate reduces the cost of tax rates in various countries and regions and increases the number of countries that come to Hong Kong Business convenience.

There are already many boarding gates at Hong Kong International 4F International Airport. There are two terminals in total. There are about 220 international routes, and there are more than two domestic and international cities. The procedures for entering Hong Kong are simple. Passports are provided abroad, and Hong Kong and Macao passports are provided in the country to enter HK. Domestic and foreign investors are treated equally.

Excellent talent introduction plan

Hong Kong’s “Introduction of Excellent Talents and Technological Talents” project proposed in recent years has attracted a large number of talents from home and abroad to enter, and provided a lot of convenient conditions for those who have moved to Hong Kong. For example, people who settled in Hong Kong through the “Excellent Talents and Science Talents Program” can fully enjoy the same social welfare system as local residents in Hong Kong: social security and relief system, social service system, education and medical security system. Welfare also provides convenient conditions for children to enter school and treats international friends and domestic personnel in Hong Kong equally. Technological talents and related professional talents attracted by such convenient conditions are more convenient for international and domestic investors to enter Hong Kong to seek technical talents, reducing the time for interviews to find employees.

Fair market and fair environment

The Hong Kong business market has diversified investment, financing, infrastructure and related services. It provides enterprises in Hong Kong with free flow of funds and free financing channels. Compared with the domestic investment market, the cost of investment and financing in Hong Kong is low. The introduction of various relevant talent introduction systems, the fairness of supervisory departments, and the fairness of trade-related laws are all in compliance with the relevant regulations formulated internationally.

Reduced the corporate profits tax and personal profits tax rates within the enterprise, lowered the investment cost of the enterprise, and increased the income of the employees of the enterprise. Under the “Belt and Road” policy proposed by the Chinese government at this stage, the international and domestic trade transactions More closely, it can also be reflected in the advantages of Hong Kong businessmen. For example, in recent years, the number of companies doing business in Hong Kong has exceeded that of previous years by many times. The global investment rankings are among the highest in the world. Such a fair and just investment and financing environment is more likely to attract overseas and domestic investment and financiers.

The Chinese government has vigorously supported the development of the RMB center and international asset management center in Hong Kong, providing a safer environment for capital management for domestic and international companies.


External and internal transportation The Chinese government has been stepping up its construction to help Hong Kong ’s international and domestic companies enter Hong Kong and facilitate the environment. The financial industry in Hong Kong has developed rapidly, providing convenient conditions for currency tax rate conversion and saving these companies from looking for currency tax rates. Cost of time.

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