What is the role and impact of the establishment of the Hong Kong Mediation Center?

When you go to be a friend, you can get a friend. If neither of them forgives each other ’s faults, they will not be reconciled and they will not be friends in the end.

The purpose of the Hong Kong mediation center is to resolve possible conflicts between international enterprises and reduce the unnecessary investment of funds and personnel in legal services

Why should the Hong Kong Mediation Center be established?

After July 1, 1997, Hong Kong, as a special administrative region, among which local residents and companies in Hong Kong were unable to adapt to the policies of Mainland China for the first time. Therefore, the Chinese government will not intervene in policy, trade, and economy for a certain period of time, which is to give Hong Kong a buffer acceptance stage, and slowly make Hong Kong an indispensable part of China.

In 1999, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government considered that Hong Kong, as China ’s larger export city and a city with closer international cooperation, needed a similar type of legal aid agency to resolve some contradictions that existed among certain individuals and enterprises.

The center came into being, which is an organization that does not solve some contradictions for the purpose of making profits. Due to the reform and opening up and the beginning of new China, the economic and trade exchanges between the mainland and Hong Kong have become closer and more diversified.

The establishment of the Hong Kong-Mainland Joint Mediation Center is to resolve the contradictions between Hong Kong and Mainland enterprises and individuals. HK, as a special administrative region, can serve as a neutral party, provide cross-border dispute services, play an important role in legal services and dispute resolution in the Asia-Pacific region, and can also strengthen trade cooperation between the Mainland and Hong Kong to resolve its relationship with the Mainland Legal and dispute mediation services.

Under the trend of the development of the “Belt and Road” and economic globalization by the Chinese government, it has promoted the formation of trade diversification and mutually beneficial cooperation in the mainland of Hong Kong. , Played an important role in promoting China’s economic prosperity and national reunification.

Taking into account the geographical location, economic and trade situation and development speed of Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau, the Chinese government has put the establishment of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area on its agenda, and its establishment has also led to innovation and stability in the Pearl River-Xijiang Economic Region development of. Therefore, the Mainland-Hong Kong Joint Mediation Center jointly established between Hong Kong and the Mainland will have closer links between the Mainland and Hong Kong in the future.

The role of Hong Kong Mediation Center

In the late 1990s, Hong Kong was in the embrace of its motherland, and various economic contradictions also occurred. Because it has always been ruled by the British colonial government, it is difficult to treat Hong Kong ’s social system as a capitalist system in a short period of time, which is very different from the socialist system in the Mainland.

Although China has not experienced a capitalist social system, the advantages and disadvantages of the capitalist system still exist. It is more difficult for Hong Kong to accept the socialist system directly. Therefore, the establishment of the Hong Kong Reconciliation Center is very necessary, and its role is to:

Economic mediation

The growing mainland cities have become closer and more diversified in their business and trade cooperation with Hong Kong, but the HK policy and the mainland policy are still very different. If there are any deficiencies, they need to be adjusted by the adjustment center.

Originally, the economic policy of the Mainland is different from that of Hong Kong. In the event of economic disputes or contradictions, a compromise solution for the economic policies of the Mainland and Hong Kong by a regulatory center is needed. Therefore, the regulatory center is very necessary.

Legal regulation

As a non-profit organization, the Hong Kong Adjustment Center has no interesting relationship with Mainland and HK commerce.

Therefore, it is fair and just as a central mediation agency. For example: In view of the high population in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the rapid economic development, certain disputes will inevitably exist during the construction process, so the adjustment center will jointly execute with multiple judicial institutions during mediation to help resolve disputes.

Hong Kong Mediation Center’s application mediation process and its influence

The Hong Kong Mediation Center itself is not under the jurisdiction of the government and relevant government units. It is a non-profit organization. It is very advantageous to have this agency as a referee for intermediate regulatory disputes.

With the construction of the “Belt and Road” and “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area” proposed by the Chinese government, China will have increasingly closer ties between many countries in the future, but the economic policies and related legal policies of these countries are in line with Different in China, the establishment of the Hong Kong Regulation Center is very necessary.

The procedure for applying for mediation is: the parties of the parties agree to mediation under the adjustment center, and within ten working days, the parties pay the administrative fee of the corresponding amount to the Hong Kong adjustment center.

The mediator proceeds according to the program, and the mediator performs related adjustment work. If the two parties have signed a “conciliation settlement agreement with legal effects”, the mediation is successful and the two parties reach a consensus on mediation. If the parties do not agree with the result of the mediator and the negotiation between the parties, the mediation is terminated, and the parties can reapply for mediation services as needed. The procedure is the same as described above.

The Hong Kong Mediation Center, as an intermediate mediation agency, can carry out according to legal provisions when necessary to help parties choose legal aid or apply for arbitration, but it must be established on the premise of the parties ’consent.

The influence of the Hong Kong Mediation Center is far-reaching. It is a non-profit organization that resolves economic conflicts and disputes among all parties. It is fair and open and conforms to the laws and policies of the countries where the parties are located.

To sum up

The Hong Kong Mediation Center adjusts disputes between the Mainland, Hong Kong and the international community every year. It can help Hong Kong, the Mainland and countries have different policies and stabilize the trend of the interests of all parties without damaging them.

It also relieves the government. Economic policy pressure provides a fair investment environment for investors in Hong Kong, enhances the status of the “Pearl of the Orient” in the world, attracts the entry of scientific and technological talents from various countries, and strengthens economic and trade between Hong Kong and other countries Relationship.

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